Hello-Hello‚Äôs innovative Mobile Immersion® methodology engages and
encourages learners of all ages to acquire usable language skills quickly.

Lessons developed in collaboration with ACTFL -American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

  • Notional-functional approach to
    language teaching

    Teaches to communicate about real world topics. New vocabulary and phrase are applied to actual functions that the learner will need to perform in a real life setting.

  • Incremental

    Gradually adds communicative functions becoming more complex. New words and phrases are introduced in each lesson to complement and reinforce previously learned concepts.

  • Learner-centered to maximize language acquisition

    Gives the learner control to develop the skills needed to function in the new language at the level and pace desired. Allows for multiple levels of access to learning the language to accommodate diverse backgrounds.

    Creates real-world animated scenarios in the new language
    Builds new vocabulary and phrases to develop language skills
    Conveys meaning with animation and game-like activities
    Develops the foundation for learners to put their new language skills to use in the real-world