How it works


Here's the situation

Hello-Hello presents the scenario Learner is exposed to a situation through animation and hears the language to gain familiarity

How to write it

Learners see the written language Learners are visually taught how the dialogue is written

Getting the meaning

Learner understands what the dialogue means in their native language Visual clues and context to present functional meaning to the dialogue

Now You Say It

Speaking Skills: Improve pronunciation
Dialogue is broken into sentence by sentence

Hear it   >>   Record it   >>   Compare to a native speaker

Now You Write It

Writing Skills: Develop writing skills utilizing multiple prompts
Dialogue is broken into sentence by sentence

Hear it   >>   Write it   >>   Immediate feedback

Now You Read It

Reading Skills: Advance functional reading skills in response to prompts

Read the question   >>   Select an answer   >>   Immediate Feedback

Now You Listen

Listening Skills: Increase scope of verbal comprehension

Listen to a sentence   >>   Select the Meaning   >>   Immediate feedback

Build Your Vocabulary

Expand vocabulary in context: Presented with highlighted words within the dialogue

Click on the highlighted words   >>   See alternative words   >>   Natural expansion of vocabulary in context